The M 1700 M-Range tracked washing screener has the capacity to produce up to 5 products.
It also offers adaption kits to convert to a dry screening application within hours, resulting in the M-series being the most flexible units on the market.
2 & 3 deck variants are available.

Features & Benefits

• High capacity, (depends on mesh sizes and material type).
• Quick set up time typically under 15 minutes.
• Maximum mobility with heavy duty, low ground pressure crawler tracks.
• Removable heavy duty pendant remote control system.
• Optional radio control system available
• High performance hydraulic system – Cast iron pumps and motors c/w hydraulic oil cooler.
• Angle adjustable tipping grid with radio control double acting tipping grid rams.
• Optional low profile Single or Double deck Vibrating Grid option with remote control tipping. Angle adjustable and fully riveted construction.
• Aggregate washing
• Split bottom deck to produce two grades of sand
• Hydraulic folding conveyors
• Hydraulic screen angle adjustment
• Screen walkway and access ladder

• 2 or 3 deck
• 12ft 2 deck vibrating grid
• Vibrating grid discharge chute
• Crusher feed chute
• Anti-roll back on main conveyor
• Extended re-circulation oversize auxiliary conveyor
• Dual power (can be operated electrically)
• Quick release wedge screen tensioning system for top andmiddle deck
• Bonded rubber wearplate in washbox
• Sealed pipes with bonded rubber lining
• 14’ x 5’ single or twin grade catchboxes
• Rubber screens
• Wheel or track mobile
• Roll-in bogie prepared
• Roll-in bogie equipped
• Radio control tracks
• Prepared TUV chassis
• Auto lubrication system
• Dry screen tail conveyor