The FM 60 Hydro™ is the complete sand processing plant combining sand washing and sizing on a single compact structure. The dewatering cyclone in combination with the flat bottom classifier enables the plant to produce 2 in-spec sands from a single feed in point.


• Electronically controlled hydraulic classification system reliably extracts light or small particles from slurry at high efficiency, whilst displacing a minimum of heavy or coarse particles to the overflow
• Direct bed level measurement allows maximum cut point control to produce up to two custom industrial or speciality sands from a single feed
• Multiple water injection nozzles result in uniform water distribution even at minimal flow rates
• The high frequency dewatering screen insures dry, immediately conveyable product for stockpiling
• Electrical control system allows the ability to store up to 5 different settings for rapid change of product specification
• The fully lined classifier has no moving parts exposed to process slurry, meaning little maintenance is required and a long operating life is achievable- Fully lined Flat Bottom Classifier for minimum maintenance