A stand alone, static hopper designed to provide a constant feed of material to Terex® Washplants. A range of different options are available to suit your requirements.


  • Heavy-duty robust construction ideal for rugged operating environment
  • Can be powered electrically or can be hydraulically coupled to an optional electric Hydraulic Powerpack for complete feed control
  • Choice of Hydraulic Tipping Reject Grid or Double Deck Vibrating Grid to suit your application
  • Self cleaning grid bars available in a variety of apertures from 75mm up to 200mm
  • Hopper Extensions and Liners available for increased capacity and wear resistance
  • Intelligent hinged maintenance access
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Terex Washing Systems product


  • H9 – Grid Dimensions: 5.32m x 3.50m
  • H20 – Grid Dimensions: 4.1m x 2.9m
  • H25 – Grid Dimensions: 4.1m x 9.9m
  • H30 – Grid Dimensions: 4.1m x 5.3m